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Brother HL-1110 LaserJet Printer Review

Brother HL-1110 LaserJet Printer Review. When looking for a printer, people often find it challenging to choose one that suits their specific needs. There are many different features, brands and price ranges to choose from, which makes it challenging to pick the right one. The Brother HL-1110 offers an affordable solution packed with essential features…
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How to Dispose of Ink and Toner Cartridges?

What impact do Printing Cartridges on the Environment? The printing cartridges we use and throw away, if not recycled, end up in a landfill. Thus leading to a significant impact on the Environment. In Australia, more than 20 millionĀ ink cartridges end up in the landfills every year. They can take up 500 to 1000 years…
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Difference Between Standard and High Yield Cartridges

Toner cartridges and Ink Cartridges come in different sizes. Standard Cartridges and High Yield Cartridges. A standard cartridge is more common than a high-yield. The yield is the number of pages that a printer can print. The price is also a difference as high-yield is more expensive than the norm as it contains more toner…
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Original Toner VS Compatible Toner

When it comes to toners, there are two ways you can go about purchasing the right product for your printer. In this article, we compare Original Toner and Compatible Toner cartridges. OEM Toner Cartridges OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer; these types of products haveĀ to meet specific guidelines and policies, which the selected company has…
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What Kind of Printer Is Best Suited For Me?

Learn more about what type of printer is best suited for your needs.

Difference Between Toner and Ink Cartridges?

If you have ever wondered what the difference might be. This article explains the difference between toner and ink cartridges.